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Preschool Program & Baby Day Care in Redlands, California

At Tender Care For Kids, our licensed and bonded day care center provides the personal attention and educational environment your children need to learn and grow. Our preschool program and baby day care in Redlands, California, are known for helping young children perform at higher cognitive levels as they get older. We also offer exceptional extended day care for school-aged children.

All Children Will Receive Breakfast, Lunch and an Afternoon Snack

Basic Learning - Preschool Program in Redlands, California

Preschool Program

We provide children to a wide array of developmentally appropriate activities in our preschool program. Our daily schedule includes opportunities for educational learning and social development. Non-potty-trained students are given ... Read more
Toys - Preschool Program in Redlands, California

Infant & Toddler Center

Our nurturing baby day care center and toddler activities give young children a warm and safe environment that is also mentally stimulating. We foster self-concepts by holding, playing, and communicating with infants throughout the day.
Kids playing in the room - Preschool Program in Redlands, California

Extended Day Care

Extended day care is offered to our school-age students. This program provides a wide variety of activities that appeal to children of every age group. We will even transport kids to and from several schools in the area using our own fleet of vehicles. Children are offered ... Read more
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